Here we are at yet another Monday. Do you start the work week on a positive note, or do you instantly go into "anger mode"?

Whatever is stressing you out today,let's try to put up a stop sign to the anger before it happens. While I have been told I am mellowing in my old age (ha) I can let stupid things that do NOT matter get to me at times...So let's go over these together, shall we?

  • Recognize the warning signs - Is your heart pounding, teeth gritting, anxiety?
  • Work out why you’re angry - Pinpoint what got you there? Co-worker, traffic, etc
  • Write it down - I have a notebook in my car, no lie.
  • Count to 100 - The concept here is thinking of something OTHER than what is making you mad.
  • Press pause - Feel like you are losing your cool, walk way from the situation.
  • Move your body - Exercise, take a walk, heck do some push ups
  • Talk to someone - This will take a weight off your shoulders
  • Take time to relax - Whatever you do to relax, do it. Personal time.


So there you go, Happy Monday.



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