Things in Rockford might be a little tense lately.

Angry man yelling

Whether it's crime, unemployment, traffic, or people just simply being in bad mood, Rockford can seem a little "on edge".

I'm man enough to admit, my temper and attitude hasn't always been the best. "Hot headed", "selfish", thinking that "rules don't apply to me", yep I've heard it all. When I look back I can honestly say these comments weren't just a "throw a dart and see where it lands" type situations, they are all bullseyes.

Call it getting older or maybe an angel landed on my shoulder at some point, but I'm better about things. Not perfect by any stretch, but I've learned to take that deep breath and give things a thought or two before reacting.

Which leads me to this video. Three, four years ago this guy was me. Instant reaction guy, that was my way of doing things. Thankfully I was never caught in an embarrassing ending like this.

With summer here and temperatures going up, before you get hot under the collar give it a deep breath. Don't give it a "we'll see" Captain Jack, actions speak louder than words. Now enjoy a guy walking into a pole.



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