It's amazing the things you can see while driving around in Rockford.

Even after all these years, I'm still amazed with all the things I've observed while driving around in Rockford.

I started thinking about it yesterday. On my way home from work, I had another one of those moments.

I was driving down Fairview Avenue behind a person that was going 10 mph under the speed limit. They were approaching State Street. Just as the light turned red, they gunned it through the intersection. There was no urgency to get anywhere before the light turned, but they sure sped up when it was solid red. Don't want to waste anytime.

Here are some other strange things I have witnessed.

I was heading down by East High School on Charles Street. A car was in the left hand lane with their left hand turn signal on. Then preceded to turn right. I thought maybe they accidentally had the wrong signal on, but they did cross over a lane.

While cruising down 11th Street, I saw a man and a boy walking together. Seems normal, right? Well, the little boy was struggling to carry a case of beer. The man had nothing. I call that being a good role model. He's making his son earn his keep.

Outside of Mary's Place, I saw a guy on a bicycle trying to ride with a 12 pack of bottles on his handle bars. There's no way he got home without breaking them or himself.

There was a guy on Harrison Road riding a rascal scooter in traffic like a car. That guy deserves a "No Fear" sticker.

I saw a woman driving on Newburg Road with so much stuff in her car, she barely had enough room for herself to drive. The only directions she could see were straight and left. Maybe she was practicing her NASCAR driving.

These are only a few of many of these types of stories. If you have any good ones, please feel free to share on The Eagle Facebook page.


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