A mysterious "Demon Coin" found at a campground just outside of Rockford has the internet confused.

Pictures of the strange coin were posted to Reddit, asking for help.

This "coin" was found around 2002 in a campground in the middle of nowhere in Northern Illinois. About an hour outside of Rockford, IL. I've tried to find out it's origins for years with no avail. Looks almost homemade. Anyone have any idea what this thing is? I've been keeping it as a curiosity for a long time.


Some users had some ideas but nothing definitive. Is it indeed homemade?

Another Redditor mentioned it might have been created by a LARPer (Live Action Role Player). Someone else tried to figure out what the coin says on the back, thinking it might be in Latin.

Do you have any idea the origins of these weird coins? Tell us!

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