When the date is going well and then you see something strange by the docks. Horror movie fans this is when you know, something good isn't about to follow.

This is exactly what happened to a friend of mine this Sunday night.

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My friend, let's call her Jane, was out on a date this past Sunday. From what she has since told me and from what I happened to see her post everything seemed to be going good as first dates go.

But in her "first date" post, I couldn't help but notice this mutant rodent dockside creature she took a picture of! In all my years here in Rockford, I've never seen anything close to that in my travels.

I'm also a fan of 80s B Horror Movies so I wasn't all that surprised when I saw her post on being a magnet for psychopaths. Seeing something that unnatural on a first date is basic horror movie rules 101. Anyone whose seen any USA Up All Night movies can attest to this.

After she spotted what Jane told her date looked like a pig, walked over to it and took a picture, then left for dinner. Not before dubbing it The Rock River Rodent, which is pretty accurate.

Sadly the evening didn't get much better for my friend as it went from the first date to the only date. Probably thanks in part to this thing I'm surprised has reanimated yet.

But what is this, for real? It looks like a possum, but also a rat. I've also never seen any possum that size before. What has happened to local rodents from us sheltering in place? Things that make you go hmm..


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