There is a pig on the loose in an Illinois town.

I remember as a kid, sometimes our dog would escape the fenced in yard. She was so fast, it was almost impossible to catch her. We had to wait for her to get either tired or hungry. Then she would just come home on her own.

There's a town in Illinois with a similar problem but in this case, it's a pig.

According to,

"A pig has been running loose around a southern Illinois town for the last several months, and nobody - not even her owner - can catch her." 

The pig's name is Porkchop. it has an owner, but she hasn't been able to chance the animal since it escaped. In fact, no one in town can catch it.

Porkchop likes to hang out with the dogs at the local dog park.

Everybody loves the animal, so the town has decided to adopt the pig and make it an unofficial mascot.

Don't worry, Porkchop is well taken care of. Many of the citizens leave out food for it.

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