You can't have a pet pig in Cherry Valley? Well if that doesn't curl your tail!

"Desperate Piggy Parents" have started a petition page CLICK HERE because they recently moved to Cherry Valley with their pet pig, Eleanor Pigsby and their neighbors are being jerks.

Here's the story about cute little Elanor and what all oinking is about:

"As many of you know, we recently moved to Cherry Valley, IL., which is still under Winnebago County jurisdiction. Due to complaint of one of our new neighbors, we have come to find out that our mini pig, Eleanor Pigsby, is not approved for zoning in our ordinance to be kept as a household pet. We must add that we genuinely thought that we could own a mini pig due to some very confusing verbiage in one of the ordinances we read that we thought pertained to Winnebago County. To date, we have had Eleanor for 3 years not knowing that we were in any violation of a zoning ordinance. We recently received notice from local county officials that we are to remove Eleanor from the premises by 04/01/2020 while being subject to fines of $500 per week. We would like to use the time that we do have with her to try and get the zoning ordinance changed. Eleanor has become an important member of our family over the years and we will be deeply saddened if we have to surrender her. We feel that there is a stigma regarding "pigs" as being gross, filthy animals with no business being domesticated in the same regards as a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, etc., but in all actuality, they are one of the most clean, kind, caring, smart, empathetic animals one could encounter. When our daughter was an infant, Eleanor would console our daughter by "singing." Eleanor is always ready to happily greet our guests with her wagging tail and be the socialite of the party. Please help us try to fight this uphill battle by signing this petition of keeping this odd family whole." - Desperate Piggy Parents


These neighbors have their bacon in a bunch, how silly. CLICK HERE to sign the petition so these pig lovers can hopefully keep their little friend.

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