At this abandoned Motel 6 in Wisconsin, they did not leave the light on for you.

Do You Remember The Motel 6 Commercial

There are some commercials for businesses that you see on TV that are just memorable. They stay in your mind and then something happens where you get a reminder and then it automatically pops back into your brain.

A great example of that kind of advertising was a marketing campaign for Motel 6. Their slogan was "At Motel 6, we will keep the light on for you." If you do not remember it, then here is a flashback.

Video: Holiday Commercial - Motel 6 - Still Burning Brightly - Keeping The Light On

Well, immediately after I saw a video of an abandoned Motel 6 in Wisconsin, the first thing that popped into my head was, "this time, they did not leave the light on for me."

It is just part of my weird sense of humor.

Exploring Abandoned Motel 6 In Wisconsin

Speaking of that video of the abandoned Motel 6. I certainly can not talk about it without sharing it with you. So take a look for yourself. As you will plainly see, the light is now off.

Video: Abandoned Motel 6 Brookfield WI

I was really excited that the filmmaker decided to include footage of the pool. It reminds me of an 80's movie.

attachment-Pool Photo From YouTube

Take a look at this disgusting swimming pool scene from the Karate Kid movie.

Video: The Karate Kid | PART I | Arrival to California "This is the end of the line."

The open-air setup brings me back to when I was a kid. My family would take long summer road trips for vacation. Of course, my dad would do all the driving.

There were very few stops until we got to our destination. He might pull over to get a few hours of sleep before hitting the road again. This reminds me of one of those roadside motels we would stay at so he could rest.

attachment-Motel 6 Photo From YouTube

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