Rockers Lost in 2014 [VIDEOS]
The world of rock 'n roll lost some great people in 2014. 96.7 The Eagle will go 'Screamin' Into '15' New Year's Eve, beginning at 7 p.m. We lost legendary singers, guitarists, drummers and even a legendary disc jockey, but it seemed like a particularly tough year for b…
Naming Winter Storms
Naming Winter Storms is something that is very new. It was the Winter Season of 2012-2013 where we first heard names like Caesar, Gandolf and Nemo.
Sneaky Marriage Proposal
It seems as if everyone I know is putting a ring on their finger.  (After saying yes to the big question.)  A couple in Australia did just that with a very sneaky switch.
Winter Weather Precautions
Winter weather is no fun.  (Except if you are a kid on a snow day from school... that rocks.)  But us grown folk, especially those who travel, can find this snow a big hassle.

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