It seems as if everyone I know is putting a ring on their finger.  (After saying yes to the big question.)  A couple in Australia did just that with a very sneaky switch.I can't help but dream about how my magical moment will happen.  This is the story of one of the sweetest proposals I have ever seen. Over the Christmas holiday, Tyne Owen did a very sneaky switch during a family photo to propose to his girlfriend of 4 years Jamie.  Instead of spelling out the words "Merry XMas" a few of his family members switched right before the flash and spelled out the words "Marry Me?"  Once she sees the photo he is right behind her on bended knee. You have to see her fantastic reaction and how he did it:

I can't even imagine what thoughts were going through her head.  Must have been so exciting!  Maybe Christmas, New Years, or even today isn't the day that you will get that shiny rock placed on your finger and asked that big question.  Or maybe you are already married but would love to get the lady (or guy) in your life a special diamond.  Possibilities are endless.  Lucky for you, Clodius & Co. Jewelers has a fantastic contest that you can enter to put a ring on your (or your special someone's) finger.  All you have to do is upload an original video!  For all of the contest rules click HERE.

If you are looking for reasons on why you need a $5,000 ring... look no further.  Here's Brizz to tell you why!

I hope you found the proposal as adorable as I did... and good luck with the "Put a Ring On The Finger Contest!"

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