Subtle hints not working for you bro, well this is the day to go all out.

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Time to get serious mister. If little subtle hints have fallen flat, grow a set just do it today.

It's "National Proposal Day" so if you were looking for a little something do get you over the hump, there's actually a freaking day for this.

Putting a local spin on this is fun for a girl and a boy, so lets give you some very "Rockford" ways to pop the question:

  • The Beef-A-Roo, "Beef-I-Do" - Ring in a cup of cheese fries, done. Then take it to Christopher to have it cleaned.
  • Say it With a Shirt - Have C&E Specialties whip you up a custom t-shirt with something along the lines of "will you marry me".
  • Symbolic - It's a cold first official day of spring, but a stroll past the iconic symbol and a big question could be cool.






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