"Romance is on high" tomorrow, so make sure you have your loving ducks in a row.

Is Rockford's 'Symbol' Statue Red or Orange?
Thompson Digital Image

Valentine's Day means peak proposal season, so don't mess it up, dude. You have so much to worry about like what to wear, what to say, will I look back at this every October and regret this? What?

So when it comes to getting down on one knee to ask for her hand, let me give you some great location ideas locally. I mean you want this to be epic, right? Here is some amazing local proposal location idea's:

  • The Symbol - How symbolic
  • The Coronado P.A.C. - The ghosts as your witness
  • Davis Park - Watch your "goose" step
  • The Eagle Studio - I've done a proposal live on the air before, I'd do it again
  • The Trolly - Let's get that bad boy running again
  • The roof at Taco Betty's - Amazing view
  • Beef-A-Roo - Ring in cheddar fries, super romantic and sticky
  • IceHogs Game Center Ice - They will let anyone out there (see Double T)
  • Sugar Jones - Make sure the ring in "on" the cupcake, not "in"
  • Rivets Baseball Game - Nothing says love like a ballpark dog and a public proposal


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