William Jones of Rockford was located in Huntsville, Alabama back in February. He has now returned to Rockford, thanks to a comfy escort. MyStateline

William Jones, is the man charged with the murder of Peggy Anderson at Pinnon’s Meats back on January 11th 2023. When authorities arrived reporting to an armed robbery they found that Peggy had passed away after being shot.

According to MyStateline Peggy was robbed as she was walking down the back stairway and she was shot during an altercation.

Brandi Andrus
Brandi Andrus

After video was reviewed and it was determined that William Jones was the shooter, Rockford Police Department began their search. Mr. Jones has already got out of state and made his way to Alabama. In early Feb, William Jones was stopped for a traffic violation and arrested...He stayed down in Alabama until recently, when we was sent back up here for his pending court case.

Today is the day, in what should be a pretty simple open and shut case. Mr. Jones will appear in court at 1:30pm today. He's on video at Pinnon's, your going down.

But we must use the term "alleged Pinnon's shooter." But c'mon, you're going to jail for life William. You robbed a store, robbed a community, and robbed a family of a loved one. William Jones is accused of first-degree murder, I hope you NEVER get out.

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