Apparently there was way more to this dude's note that he left on a car, than violent was music, or something. SLATE

Olutosin Oduwole, a Southern Illinois University student, was arrested after he allegedly threatened a “murderous rampage.” -  Madison County Sheriff

Back in 2007 this student at Southern Illinois University wrote something down and it was found on an abandoned car on the campus of SIU. This came a few months AFTER the horrible tragedy, when Seung-Hui Cho shot and killed 32 people on the campus of Virginia Tech. Obviously colleges were on high alert, and wanting to prevent a copycat event.

The note left of the car read:

 “A murderous rampage similar to the VT shooting will occur at another prestigious highly populated university. THIS IS NOT A JOKE!” - SLATE

This note was traced back to Mr Olutosin Oduwole. This fella had gained some attention from the local police department, he was ordering guns online.

Mr. Oduwole was arrested and charged with attempting to make a terrorist threat, which is a Class 1 felony. So what was Olutosin's defense, how did he defend himself with this threatening letter.

That was a rough draft of his rap lyrics

So what's the law on this type of thing? Here goes...

Under Illinois laws, a person is guilty of “attempt” when a jury finds that he or she has taken a “substantial step” toward the commission of a crime. - Slate


So was this note enough to jail him? Less than four hours of thinking about things, a jury came back with a verdict of guilty...He was sentenced to five years in jail.

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