If you are gathering with family and friends this weekend, I have a five "one-liners" about the state of Illinois that will either have your guests in stitches or will leave nothing but the sound of crickets in your head. JOKOJOKES

There's PLENTY in our state to crack a joke about...Look at our pro sports teams, what's up with our political officials, and have you traveled the roads and highways?

So to add to your weekend entertainment, I found...

Five Illinois Jokes You Can Tell at a Party This Weekend, or Maybe Not

These are not my jokes, so don't hate...try to laugh. Some of these have a "dad joke" vibe so roll your eyes and play along.

It's so cold in Illinois this morning...on my way to work I walked past the capitol and the politicians had their hands in their own pockets.


When I was ten, my family moved to Downers Grove, Illinois...When I was twelve, I found them.


Why does corn in Illinois lean east...Because Indiana sucks and Iowa blows.


I hear people from Illinois get mad when you pronounce the S...It really ill-annoys them.


The State of Illinois has just unveiled its new welcome sign...Welcome to Illinois; not ALL of our elected officials have been indicted!


Well there you have it! I didn't overpromise and underdeliver...or maybe I did.

I you have any to share, do so on the Eagle App and we will spread the laughs!

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