It's great to see that after adjusting the festivities to an online virtual format last year due to the pandemic, this year’s event will be completely in-person, filled with holiday magic and decked out with decorations and lights.

The Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau (RACVB) promises that during the event, which runs from 2pm-9pm, there will be new enhancements, attractions, live entertainment, vendors, and more for your whole family.

Stroll On State, Facebook
Stroll On State, Facebook

Stroll On State Is Free To Attend, And Always Held The First Saturday After Thanksgiving

Up until the pandemic hit, it was nice to see how attendance and enthusiasm for Stroll On State kept growing every year since its inaugural run. Last year's virtual Stroll was still a good time (considering the alternative was to cancel), but returning to their "traditional" format will be most welcome.

Stroll On State, Facebook

Here Are Some Of The Things To Look Forward To At Stroll On State 2021

One of the most popular moments of years past, the Tree Lighting Ceremony, will take place at three different locations and at different times.

  • At 5pm, a tree lighting ceremony will take place at the Silver Bell Tree and Stage at Eddie Green Place on the corner of 1st and East State
  • Then at 6pm, the Rockford City Tree will be lighted at Davis Park.
  • Finally, at 7pm, the third tree lighting will take place at the Jingle Bell Tree and Stage at the corner of North Main and Mulberry
Stroll On State, Facebook

There's Also A New Time And New Location For The Fireworks

You want fireworks in downtown Rockford, and you're going to get them, except this time they will be launched from the Jefferson Street Bridge at 8pm. You'll be able to see the fireworks from anywhere in the festival if you can see the Jefferson Street Bridge. The RACVB says that this change will allow for more spacing while the skies burst with color.

Stroll On State, Facebook

There's More Stuff Going On At Stroll On State 2021 Than I Can Tell You About Here

It's not that it's super-secret information that's only known by a select few, it's just that I've run out of space for more details.

If you want to learn more about Stroll On State 2021 coming up on Saturday, November 27th, click here.

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