Grab an ice cream cone and check out the curbside artwork in Freeport.

Whipped Ice Cream Cone with Candy Sprinkles

The Union Dairy in Freeport is getting some new art that you can see before you enter the historic building.

According to JS local artist Melinda Cook is spending the next few days making the curb in front of The Union Dairy resemble a giant ice cream sundae.

The curb in front of the shop is quite tall, so not only will the curb look good enough to eat but this will hopefully give people a little heads up and there will be no car door dings.

There are steps in this artwork process, the short video below shows the beginning drips which will be the hot fudge. Sprinkles and of course a cherry on top to follow.


The Union Dairy is an old fashion ice cream parlor that has been around since 1914. All though it has changed owners several times over the years, providing the Freeport area with lots of ice cream has always been the #1 goal. In the 1970’s one hundred thousand gallons of ice cream was made per year there. To compare, in 2004 there were  six hundred gallons of ice cream sold per week. That's a lot of ice cream!

When I was growing up there was a sundae called The Holy Cow at Union Dairy, I do not know if this still exists. A dozen scoops of ice cream with basically every topping you could imagine. I never attempted it, bit I've seen it done.


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