This Friday night, you can enjoy a unique experience in Freeport.

Organic Green Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
bhofack2, ThinkStock

Growing up in Freeport, The Union Dairy was always one of my favorite spots. The Saturday night routine was like this as a kid. Get groceries with mom and grandma at Eagle, roam the Lincoln Mall, then go to Union Dairy for Mint Chip ice cream or the grasshopper pie.

Well this Friday visiting The Union Dairy will entertain the family, fill your belly, and teach you a little history lesson.

This Friday night starts the kickoff for free outdoor movies "First Friday Family Flicks" in the Debate Site with a cartoon at 7:30pm and the feature film "Trolls" at dusk. The best part about this, it's FREE!

As far as the "Debate Site" if you didn't know, 114 E. Douglas Street is the location of the second of the famous debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas. On August 27, 1858 the Freeport Doctrine, regarding slavery and state’s rights, was proclaimed by Douglas. It is worth checking out on it's own.

So take the kids for a movie, a treat, and a history lesson Friday in Freeport.


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