There are lots of things that can freak you out when they go bump in the night, but I'm thinking that few things are more freak-out worthy than an airplane tire hitting your roof.

I don't know that for sure, but I think if we ask the family on Chicago's Northwest Side (Jefferson Park) what it was like when it happened to them, they'd be quick to agree.

ABC-7 reports that a small aircraft coming from Ironwood, Michigan luckily managed to make a safe touchdown on one of O'Hare's runways last night around 6pm, even though it had lost it's left landing gear over Jefferson Park.

The report says that there was a significant shower of sparks as the plane landed, attracting the attention of emergency personnel. Thankfully, no one was hurt. The roof of the house the landing gear hit may be a different story.

ABC-7 Chicago:

Chicago police were called by a Jefferson Park resident who found the airplane tire in the yard of his home, and believed it had bounced off the house before landing. No one was injured where the tire landed either, officials said.

We've heard and read for years about different things falling from airplanes and causing problems for people on the ground, so I did a little digging this morning for some of the more noteworthy incidents.

CNN reported a while back on how the door of a private airplane fell off midflight and crashed onto a Florida golf course. The course happened to be closed at the time, so no one was injured. I bet it left a hell of a divot on the fairway.

San Francisco's local CBS affiliate KPIX ran a story a few years ago about a camera lens falling from the sky directly onto a Bay Area home. The home owner said "she found the approximately two-pound, 9-inch Canon camera lens outside of her home after hearing a loud crash that shook the two-story house, left a hole in her roof and sliced through two window screens."

Plane tires, doors, and camera lenses are bad enough, but something called "blue ice" seems to be the worst of all (short of having the whole plane land on your house). If you're unfamiliar, blue ice is...well...frozen sewage from airplane's toilets. It's pretty gross stuff. In 2014, the BBC reported on it happening to a couple in Leicester who had the misfortune to be sitting outside on their patio when a big lump of this frozen concoction of human waste hit their roof, showering them with debris of the worst kind:

...described the waste as smelling very strongly, with a particularly pungent whiff of urine as it began to thaw and break up.

Then, there's this family:


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