The residents of Wisconsin need to be more careful with winter coming up because they lead the United States in this kind of accidental death.

Wisconsin Is An Easy Target

When it comes to jokes, Wisconsin is an easy target. You could simply make fun of them by saying the residents get too drunk and fall down, especially on ice during the winter. It actually isn't too funny because people are dying from those accidents. I totally understand because my mom is older and I always worry about her falling.

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Wisconsin Leads United States With Most Deaths Caused By Falling

That's so crazy to think about. The most people who die from falling in our country live in Wisconsin. The number has been increasing every year. In Green Bay, the local fire department averages five calls per day and over 2,000 for a year. The majority of the victims have to be taken to a hospital for care.

According to, 

Wisconsin has the highest number of fall-related deaths in the country.


It’s an important issue to talk about before winter, especially for people over 60, who are at a higher risk of falls.

Unfortunately, many of the people who fall are older. Their bodies and bones can't take the impact of the landing. Some are lucky and just get bruises that heal in a few days. Others, will break bones and even get brain injuries from hitting their head on the pavement.

Deaths In Wisconsin
Deaths In Wisconsin

Wisconsin Offers Classes To Help

Thanks to the help from the ADRC, the state of Wisconsin is now offering classes for at-risk residents to educate them on how to prevent falls and injuries. Also, to be aware of factors that could cause them to go down.

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