This Jedi wanna-be thought it would be okay to play Star Wars with airplanes in Illinois but it got him arrested because what he did is illegal.

Do You Remember When Laser Pointers Were The "Thing?"

Do you remember when laser pointers first came out? Shoppers were buying them like crazy. They were bringing them everywhere in public and flashing them at games, concerts, plays, and so much more. It got to the point where venues started banning them.

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Is It Illegal To Flash Laser Pointers On Airplanes In Illinois?

The answer is yes. Even for a nerd that was pretending he was Luke Skywalker and trying to take down Darth Vader's spaceship. You'll definitely get arrested for it. Especially, if the plane is in the sky. In fact, it recently just happened in Illinois at O'Hare and Midway airports.

laser pointer aiming on plane
Flashing Laser Pointer At Airplanes In Illinois

Illinois Man Arrested For Flashing Laser Pointer At Airplanes

It happened just a couple of nights ago in the Chicago suburbs. Several pilots reported seeing a laser pointer in the sky near their aircraft. Illinois air patrols were called in to investigate. They discovered the annoying light from the ground being aimed at airplanes. Using modern technology including a camera on the plane, they were able to track down the suspect.

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The man was committing the offense from his home in Berkley. He was charged with two counts of disorderly conduct. It is very dangerous to flash laser pointers at pilots because they could be blinded while trying to fly the airplane. Yoda would be very disappointed.

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