To celebrate my polish heritage, I ask my co-workers to try Paczkis for the first time.

Mmm, Paczkis. It's all I have been thinking about for days now.

Have you ever had a Paczki? (Pronounced “poonch-key") It's one of the most delicious things I have ever had.

A Paczki is a traditional polish doughnut usually filled with fruit or cream. It then has either powdered sugar, icing or even chocolate on top. The word Paczki in polish translates to 'little package.'

Here in America, every Fat Tuesday, or the day before Ash Wednesday, is known as Paczki Day. This is when many of the high calorie doughnuts are consumed, to indulge before Lent begins. Traditionally, in Poland, it is celebrated on the last Thursday before Ash Wednesday... which is today!

Growing up on the South Side of Chicago, a major polish community, Paczkis are extremely popular. You always have to call ahead to make an order and if you are one of the lucky ones, you won't have to wait in line for three hours at the local polish bakery to get one of the delicious Paczkis.

I was absolutely shocked when I walked around the office in Rockford asking if anyone knew what a Paczki is. It isn't popular and with the exception of one person, no one knew what a Paczki is.

I couldn't wait to get my hands on some Paczkis for my co-workers to try! Here are the reviews: