The oldest house in Rockford for sale was built in 1866 and holds quite a bit of history.

The oldest house for sale in Rockford is located at 1401 Clifton Ave.

Rockfords oldest house for sale
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It isn't just the oldest house for sale being built in 1866, it also is the most historically significant house related to the city of Rockford on the market today, according to Zillow.

The house sits on two and a quarter acres filled with trees. The home is eligible for historic landmark status, but it has not been yet approved.

"You are looking at a rare building. Only three houses in the Second Empire style still stand in Rockford. Builders changed two of them. This house is unchanged except for the front porch. You can recognize a Second Empire home by looking for a curved, mansard roof. Below the roofline, a Second Empire home shares many features with Italianate houses, including paired brackets and arched windows with hood molds."

In my own opinion, the house is incredible. With a little love, you would be able to transform this into a historical relic straight from the pages of a story book. The home has two bedrooms and one bathroom, perfect for a new family.

There are four floors that are usable, that with a sanding and refinishing, would be stunning. I get so jealous of the old wood floors, they just don't make them like they used to.

This home also has a bit more history. A well known inventor William Worth Burson once lived in this house and created a machine that would automatically knit socks.

rockford's oldest house for sale history
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You have to agree, this house is pretty incredible!

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