Fat Tuesday, bring on the Paczkis! Polish donuts filled with jelly, mmmm...

The word "Paczki" is in fact plural. If you want one, it's paczek. Do you go grab a donut? No, you grab donuts. You're now smarter, or fatter...

If you are looking to participate here are five area places to pick up these sweet treats of Fat Tuesday:


  • Bella Luna Bakery - 308 W State St
  • Polish Deli - 3002 Charles St
  • Meijer - 2013 McFarland Rd or 1770 West Lane Rd
  • Valli -  5880 E State St or 6550 N Alpine Rd
  • By The Dozen - 8324 N 2nd St, Machesney Park

Eat up and enjoy, I wonder how fast Steph could eat a Paczek?




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