Mmm... donuts. But where in the Rockford area can you get the best?

Today after speaking about donuts with a co-worker I realized that I haven't had nearly enough donuts in my life.

I need donuts.

So, I figured I'd write a blog about donuts. Hence, this magical, sweet list. Here are the top 6 places to get donuts in the Rockford area according to Yelp.


  • Regina G via Yelp
    Regina G via Yelp

    Dandy Donuts

    6551 E Riverside Blvd Ste 109

    Dandy Donuts are little morsels of heaven.  Donuts don't have to be enormous, fried dough drizzled in maple bacon pesto white chocolate ganache...or whatever.  Dandy's are mini donuts (sold by the half dozen or dozen) sprinkled with powdered sugar, cinnamon & sugar, or plain.  Simple and good! ~Angela P. via Yelp

  • Joe H via Yelp
    Joe H via Yelp

    Doughboy Donuts

    3451 N Main St

    A gem! The Kitchen Sink and the Coconut crunch doughnuts were my 2 favorites...although the Cherry doughnuts come close. Their doughnuts taste fresh, and they have a wide variety to chose from. Their doughnut holes are perfect, too! (And the perfect size!) ~Mudhavi B via Yelp

  • Joe H via Yelp
    Joe H via Yelp

    All Day Donut

    3511 East State St

    Drive here from Chicago just for the cherry donuts! Wish we could find them closer... ~Tanya H via Yelp

  • Stephan A via Yelp
    Stephan A via Yelp

    Banana Cherry Bakery

    1274 S Alpine Rd

    The new croissant donuts are awesome, I could probably eat a half dozen! ~Lindsey G. via Yelp

  • Joe H via Yelp
    Joe H via Yelp

    By The Dozen Bakery

    8324 N 2nd St

    The donuts are out of this world, 6-star worthy. Nice, crunchy outside encasing a warm, perfectly cakey inside. Yum! ~ Loren R. via Yelp

  • Curran's Orchard via Yelp
    Curran's Orchard via Yelp

    Curran's Orchard

    6385 Kilburn Ave

    Also grabbed a gallon of cider, some apple butter and a fresh made donut! Donuts are made fresh there. I actually watched the donuts being made. ~ Rebecca S. via Yelp

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