Walking around downtown Rockford last Saturday night, I had an idea that just seems so obvious to me.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack


There is a statue of "Mr. 4th of July" Joe Marino on State Street in downtown Rockford. Personally, I don't really get it, but let's move forward.

Downtown Rockford needs a statue of Rick Nielsen, period. The impact that Rick and Cheap Trick has made on the music industry GLOBALLY is legendary.

Rick outside of Rockford is regarded as on of the most iconic guitar players ever. Influential, original, and always willing to lend a hand or a hot lick to a young musician or project in need. Cheap Trick being inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame puts them on an equal playing field with the greatest of all time.

Locally, no one lives and breathes Rockford like Rick Nielsen. This is home, and Rick will bend over backward for this city. Whether it's an appearance at a birthday party, a celebration of a new business being open, or most importantly an event that is giving back to Rockford, Rick will be there. The growth and success of this city are a true passion of his.

  • Want tourists and tourist dollars, build a Rick Nielsen statue.
  • Want a statue that shows a fun, prideful side of Rockford? Build a Rick Nielsen statue.
  • Want national exposure and a positive light shined on Rockford? Build a Rick Nielsen statue.
  • Want a statue that will make you smile when you drive/walk by it? Build a Rick Nielsen statue.
  • Want a landmark that isn't confusing? Build a Rick Nielsen statue.

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