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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, one of the most influential rock and roll guitarists ever, and now pizza mastermind.

Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick is the owner of Piece Pizza in Chicago. Seriously amazing pizza and craft beers too. According to The Daily Meal Piece Pizzeria has the #10 pizza in the country! I've always been a fan of the crust, and the variety of toppings available. Ever have mashed potatoes on a pizza?

"The 101 best Pizzas in America," is quite the who's who of pizza in the country. Looking through this list makes me want to ask Rick if I can borrow his smart car and hit the road for a pizza road trip.

In describing the delicious pie at Piece Pizzeria and Brewery in Chicago, this was said:


  Piece is an award-winning pizzeria specializing in New Haven-style pizza, and beer is brewed on premise. The crème de la crème at this Chicago spot is red pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, pecorino romano and pepperoni. - The Daily Meal/Taylor Rock

Congrats to Rick and Piece Pizzeria & Brewery (try a glass of Golden Arm) when you visit.

Piece Brewery and Pizzeria 1927 W. North Ave. Chicago, IL 60622

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