This year for St. Patrick's Day, record spending is expected.

Spending for St. Patrick's Day will break records this year.

According to, "With St. Patrick's Day falling on a Friday this year, spending is expected to reach a $5.3 billion, the highest in the survey's 13-year history, according to the latest data from the National Retail Federation. Last year, the total was $4.4 billion, and the previous record was $4.8 billion in 2014. Average spend is expected to be $37.92 per person, up from $35.37, topping the previous record of $36.52 in 2015. The survey found that 31% plan to make a special dinner for the occasion and 27% will head to a party or bar. The survey was conducted between February 1 and February 8 and polled 7,609 consumers."

This doesn't surprise me. Especially in Rockford, where we turned an one day holiday into a two weekend party.

St. Patrick's Day is on a Friday this year, so people will definitely party that whole weekend.

In Rockford, we got a bonus this year. The parade was on the Saturday before, so that becomes a day to party too.

More partying means spending more money. More hangovers too.

Plus, you can more use out of that special green outfit you picked up at CherryVale Mall.

Not sure who came up with this plane, but they get an A+ for their effort.

Nice job Rockford extending St. Patrick's Day. Can we make some list for doing that?


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