The cutest thing you have ever seen all day.

Raccoons are pesky little devils. Trust me, you should see my garbage cans on a Sunday afternoon.

How they are able to hop up so tall to open the lid and gorge themselves on the remainders inside boggles my mind.

I even have a family of raccoons that live in a tree in my backyard. I don't mind having them around, as long as they stop eating out of my garbage cans.

Scott Anders caught a photo of this amazing raccoon outside of Jessica's Restaurant in Roscoe. Thank you to our friend Tim Mazurklewicz for sharing the photo with me! Tim also said, "My friend Gerrod Walker of owner When Nature Calls of Rockford verified that it is in fact a true rare albino raccoon."

Rare it is, and amazing to see!

Courtesy of Tim Mazurklewicz
Courtesy of Tim Mazurklwicz