Does your work have something to do with your love life?

A new study has come out saying that what you do for a career path may effect your relationship at home.

Tatiana Gladskikh, Think Stock
Tatiana Gladskikh, Think Stock

Some jobs obviously cause more friction. My husband's job is ranked in at number two! I can completely understand why it is ranked so high on the list. How do you think he makes such great money? He flirts. He bats his baby blues, flashes his charming smile and makes people laugh. I could see how this could frustrate a partner. Lucky for us, I've been in his shoes, I know what it takes to come home with more than a few singles in your pocket and it doesn't bother me. But it took me a long time to separate that it was his 'job' and had no reflection on how he felt about me.

So what are the worst jobs for relationships anyways? According to, these are the top 15 jobs with the highest divorce rates:

  1. Dancers and Choreographers: Divorce Rate of 43.05%
  2. Bartenders: Divorce Rate of 38.43%
  3. Massage Therapists: Divorce Rate of 38.22%
  4. Casino Worker, Cashiers and Money Counters: Divorce Rate 34.66%
  5. Casino Worker, Gaming Service Worker/Dealer: Divorce Rate 31.35%
  6. Machine Operators: Divorce Rate of 32.74%
  7. Factory Worker: Divorced Rate 29.78%
  8. Telephone Operator: Divorce Rate 29.30%
  9. Nursing, Psychiatric and Home Health Aides: Divorce Rate 28.95%
  10. Entertainers and Performers, Sports and Related Workers: Divorce Rate 28.49%
  11. Baggage Porters and Concierges: Divorce Rate 28.49%
  12. Telemarketers: Divorce Rate 28.10%
  13. Waiters/Waitresses: Divorce Rate 27.12%
  14. Roofers: Divorce Rate 26.85%
  15. Maids and Housekeeping Cleaners: Divorce Rate 26.38%

Roofer? Really? Maybe they come home too tired to devote any time to the relationship and are always sleeping? Beats me.

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