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Earlier this week I was at the gas station and the lady behind the counter said, "want a Mega Millions tickets, the guy before you bought it and then didn't want it." So, for a whole $2 I had a shot (a small one) at winner millions and millions of dollars. What in the world would you do with a $750 million jackpot, and would you share the wealth?

Of course the conversation at home became, what kind of ridiculous things could you do with that type of wealth? I think our plans ended with an indoor scooter track and maybe a gym of some sort.

I've watched enough of those reality shows to learn that once you win a huge jackpot, you must spend part of it on something insane...and hire people to watch the cash for you. Got it, Double T will be my financial advisor and will buy THREE pairs of sweats to wear at home...now that is livin'.

So my question to you, the Eagle listener...would you share?

At some point once the dust settles and you have 400 pairs of ADIDAS and Motley Crue has played every holiday in your living room, you would have to get board right?

Some for the family, some for friends, maybe buy Miss Carly some new fancy glasses...sure, I'd share with people. What about you?

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