My ten-year-old was super excited that this game was now available with the Xbox's Game Pass.

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I live in a house of gamers, though I'm not as into as everyone else is I do still enjoy a good game now and then. But since everyone else in my family is really into it I see my fair share of games. Also when living with gamers, I've noticed we have to have more than one system to play too. I think the Nintendo Switch is my favorite of what we have.

The Xbox One also gets plenty of love in my house and that means checking the Game Pass to see what new games are now available. After Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was defeated, that meant a new game was soon to be downloaded.

That's how I became familiar with Two Point Hospital. The short and skinny I got for a game overview is that you're a hospital manager where then your main objective is to build and maintain a hospital with such tasks as building different rooms and amenities that will make both patients and employees happy, expanding the hospital, the hiring, and firing of employees, and last but not least dealing with several comedic illnesses.

Some of these illnesses include Light-Headedness (having a light bulb for a head) Pandemic (having a pan on one's head), Cubism (looking like a bunch of modern art cubes), and Animal Magnetism (having animals stuck to the patient's body).

The favorite in my house of these comical ailments is the one of Mock Star, where patients wandering around the hospital as Freddie Mercury impersonators.

Mock Star via Wiki
Mock Star via Wiki

Those suffering from Mock Star will even bust out the Queen frontman's half-staff mic stand from time to time.

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