Your parents were wrong, you can study video games at this college in Illinois.

Age-Old Battle Between Parents and Children

There have always been disagreements between parents and their children. One of the biggest ones of all time is about video games. Many kids enjoy playing with them. Of course, most parents think there is a better way to spend their time.


Moms and dads all over the world will say to the family, "video games are a waste of time and you can never earn money or get a job by playing them all the time." The kids do not care, they will play them all the time anyway.


Education And Career In Gaming

Even though your parents will not admit it, there are opportunities to make money in the world of video games. Of course, you can try to become a professional gamer. That is not easy, kind of like making it in pro-sports. Players can also get into tournaments for cash prizes. Again, the competition is tough.


There is a more reliable way to break into the video game business. That is a game designer. It is just another aspect of computer sciences. Creating games can definitely be a good one. Now, you can earn that degree at a college in Illinois.


Going To College For Video Games

Attention all gamers, if you want to follow your dreams of working in the world of video games. I suggest checking out Illinois State University.

According to,

"The Game Design Sequence in the Creative Technologies (CTK) program at Illinois State lets you forge your own paths in the industry."


"As a game design student, you'll be able to experiment with different fields, discover your passion, and do what you want to do."


"We'll also teach you about future directions and experimental technologies for gaming and imagine further innovations for the industry."

You can study "design and development," "animation and modeling," and "sound design and music."

Video: CTK Game Design Sequence Promotional Video

For more info, HERE.

Oh, by the way, to actually prove your mom and dad wrong, you have to get that degree.

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Is Parents Lying About Video Games Make This List?

To each their own, some parents may frown on telling lies to their kids. Thank goodness it isn't any of these parents because these lies crack me up.