Summerfest in Milwaukee is giving musicians from places like Rockford a chance to play the festival.

I think people in Rockford can have a self-esteem issue. They start believing the negative hype for outside sources that do not understand our community. Does the Forest City have problems? Of course, it does. Everywhere does. Even in the "it" city of Naperville. I recently wrote an article called "Five Reasons Rockford Kicks Butt." If you missed it, check it out, HERE. I truly love our town. I think it is a great place to live.

One of the reasons that I chose was the music. There are so many talented musicians in our area. Leading the way is Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Inductees, Cheap Trick, but it goes way beyond them. The scene features many different styles and genres including Rock, Country, Pop, Hip Hop, DJ's, Acoustic, Heavy Metal, Folk, Bluegrass, Jazz, Classic, Cover Band, Original Bands, and so much more. Plus, there are all kinds of unique venues to see a live show on any given night of week or time of year.

I get excited when our local musicians get special opportunities to showcase their talent. Especially, if it outside of Rockford to share their music with other communities and to pick up new fans.

I think I have found an opportunity that I hope someone from Rockford gets a chance to play. It would put them in front of a lot of new listeners. The bonus part is the show is at one of my favorite annual festivals. I am talking about Summerfest in Milwaukee. I have been going up there for years. Here's the deal.

From the Summerfest Facebook page...

According to,

"ReverbNation is the exclusive submission platform for Summerfest® presented by American Family Insurance. The talent buyers of Summerfest and the A&R Department of ReverbNation will work closely together to choose at least 15 ReverbNation artists to perform at this year’s festival."

For more info and submit your band, HERE.

Good luck and go Rockford.

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