You can own a piece of Milwaukee Summerfest history by purchasing gear used on stage this year.

Milwaukee Summerfest is one of the greatest outdoor musical events each year. It's jam packed with live music on multiple stages featuring local, regional, and national acts from open to close during each day of the festival.

As you could imagine, it's a logistical nightmare for the organizers. Getting bands on and off the grounds, to and from their stages. Setting up and tearing down for each set. Artists flying in for special performances.

The Summerfest crew will do anything to help make the process a little bit easier. They will bring in a backline. That's basically having every already provided and all set up for the bands. Then all they need to bring is guitars, basses, and drum sticks. Plug in and play.

Summerfest works with a Wisconsin company called Full Compass to provide all that backline gear. According to,

"Full Compass will have all of the actual gear that will be used throughout the festival for sale at deeply discounted prices after Summerfest is over."

"Now it’s your turn to own a piece of music history. Choose from drums, cymbals, amps, and hardware to complete your setup today."

If you're an actual musician or just a collector, these items would be great to own.

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