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Earlier this week we posted a video of a young boy breaking in and breaking wind, while his mom was trying to film something. This kid walks right up to his mother's phone, and sticks his butt right up against it and let one rip.

I think we should make this the Rockford 2021 video trend, and reward you for doing so...We will get to that in a bit.

Apparently there's a plumber in Texas, that wanted to answer the call. Enter Plumber Austin Nascimbeni. Austin grabbed a 10 foot PVC pipe, his phone, and I guess some brown beans for lunch...

Now, I want to know where our Rockford plumbers are at? Heck you can be an office assistant, an Uber driver, maybe even a firefighter. Be creative in your "fart" video and send it to us! Yes, I and soliciting fart videos...I know we have some VERY creative listeners out there, and everybody has a smart phone on them.

Shoot your "toot" video and send it to us, ASAP. Captain.Jack@townsquaremedia.com

We will post your videos on our website, and let other listeners vote on your blast. If a little kid can break the internet with his gas, and a plumber from Texas can answer his challenge, imagine what Rockford folks could do? This should truly "blow us away."

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