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If I am sitting in my living room and I get a slight chill, there's a fireplace right across from me. Within a few moments, I'm warmed up and everything is o.k. in the world. Touching and adjusting the thermostat sounds like a recipe for disaster, so I keep my hands off. I realize that the other occupant of my home way be freezing, or "all of a sudden" get really I just leave it alone.

I asked the question on the Eagle Facebook CLICK HERE "What temperature do you set your furnace at." It led to some healthy, and interesting debate and answers:

After going through all of the responses and using my calculator, it averages out to about 67.5 degrees. I also learned that it's hotter when you are older, cooler temps are healthier but that pisses off the cat, and "Uuggh 67 then my husband gets home & it’s 70-constant battle."

One listener even commented that it depends on how windy it is and what direction the wind in coming out of. Do furnaces work in tents? There were also two people that stated that they like to keep their home at 55. This sounds like a doctors visit in your new future.

Don't even get me started with the thermostat in the 96.7 The Eagle studio, it truly has a mind of its own.


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