The Cigarette Bandit is on the run in Janesville and police are asking for your help to track him down.

First of all, I never support breaking the law.

With that in mind, people are going to do it no matter what I say to try and discourage them.

I think you've taken crime to the next level when you get a nickname. Especially, if you can get labeled "bandit."

Remember the "Wet Bandits" in the movie "Home Alone."

Now, Janesville has its own "bandit."

According to,

"The Janesville Police Department is asking for the public's help to identify a suspect who is stealing cigarettes from convenience stores throughout the city."

He has earned the name "Cigarette Bandit."

I understand smokes are pricey but there are better ways to feed your habit.

They got him on surveillance video.

This picture is from the WTVO Twitter account.

If you have any information about the "Cigarette Bandit" please contact Janesville Police at 608-755-3100.


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