Customers at a Walmart just outside of Chicago called the cops about a Heavy Metal band hanging out in the parking lot.

I don't know if you are familiar with this Walmart policy. You are allowed to park and spend the night in their parking lots. The superstores are all over the country in towns of various sizes. Many located off busy highways and roads. The parking lots are huge. Plus, they sell most of the supplies you could need while traveling. It makes for a convenient rest stop.

I'm friends with a few national touring bands. When there's a night off and can't afford a hotel room, they will park at a Walmart. They are usually in a bus or van, so they can just chill out.

Next time you go to the Walmart on East State and Bell School, check out the back of the lot. There's usually tour buses, RV's, and trucks parked and taking a break.

Unfortunately, it sounds like there was a little misunderstanding at a Walmart location in Illinois.

According to,

"A Heavy Metal group was sitting in their van in a Walmart parking lot near Chicago, and someone called the police because they found it suspicious. They were wrapping up their tour near Chicago when they decided to park in a Walmart lot to relax. A little while later, the van was surrounded by police. The band knew the officers had just been doing their jobs especially because Walmart is pretty infamous for sketchy occurrences. When the police realized there was nothing suspicious about the band whatsoever, they let them go."

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