Summer is winding down and so are the temperatures; for a lot of us in the Midwest that means pumpkin spice lattes, hoodies and bonfires. It also means beautiful hikes through some of Illinois' best hiking trails.

Picture miles of rugged terrain covered in canopied trees of golden brown, red-orange and yellows; the smell of the earth penetrating your nostrils and the rustle of leaves beneath your hiking boots. Throw in a breathtaking view of the sunset from the tallest overlook and you have the perfect fall day. Almost.

What's missing? A frosty ale or lager. Aside from s'mores and bonfires, nothing goes better with the great outdoors quite like a chilled brewski.

Just ask the writers at the Chicago Tribune; they put together the "Best Hiking Trail and Brewery Pairs in Illinois" and three of their locations look awfully familiar.

Destination #1: Starved Rock and Tangled Roots Brewing Company

Tangled Roots Brewing Company

The Tribune says Starved Rock is "arguably the prettiest of Illinois’ state parks." They suggest throwing back a Kit Kupfer, a peachy ale that was made just for the outdoors.

Destination #2: Rock Cut and Pigs Mind Brewing Company

Pigs Mind Brewing Company

Once you're done fishing, hiking, swimming or camping, the Tribune recommends stopping into Pigs Mind for a Happidaze, a golden ale with hints of blueberry.

Destination #3: Seth Atwood Park and Granite City Food and Brewer

Granite City Food and Brewery

Spend a day on the Kish and then head to Granite City Food and Brewery for a bite and some brews; the Tribune says you should go for the Prairie Vixen, a Hefeweizen beer with bubble gum, banana and clove.

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