Citizens being forced to "shelter in place" is changing the Earth.

Have you noticed? Things around us are changing.

I was driving home from the radio station yesterday and I saw a group of 10-15 turkeys hanging out at the corner of Fairview and Rural. Okay, I know seeing wild turkeys in Rockford is no big deal but crazy things are happening all over the world.

With the humans on lockdown, the animals are taking advantage. There are stories all over social media about it. They're showing up in places you normally don't see them. It's almost like they are coming out of hiding. Sea turtles are hanging out on public beaches, lions are taking naps in the middle of roads, and squirrels are taking over parks. Just to name a couple of examples.

That's not all. I see pictures and videos of changes in our environment too. Cities that are normally covered with smog have clear skies. You can actual see fish in typically polluted bodies of water.

People are not out driving vehicles, working in factories, or doing other things that cause pollution. They're stuck at home. You can tell the difference.

If there's a silver lining to this pandemic, it's the Earth is heeling itself with this opportunity. I think that's good news. There's so much debate over how we treat our planet, I hope this does prove to everyone that we need to treat it better. Maybe, we can learn from Mother Nature and keep this trend going into the future.

Video: Troy Flynn Executive Director Of BMO Harris Band Center, Coronado PAC, Davis Park, & IceHogs


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