For natural beauty, you can't beat the fall in Illinois and Wisconsin, here's when the leaves will start to change colors.

Fall In The Midwest Is The Best

We are lucky enough to be able to enjoy all the seasons in Illinois and Wisconsin. Each of the four has great things about it. When it comes to the best, I believe it's fall and you can't experience it any better than in the midwest.

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Fall Events And Activities In Illinois And Wisconsin

Some of my favorite events and activities are held during the fall in Illinois and Wisconsin. There's football, Halloween, apple donut season, hoodie weather, festivals, the harvest, and so much more. It's enough to keep you busy and outside until winter.

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The Best Part Of Fall In Illinois And Wisconsin

In my opinion, the absolute best part about fall is the outdoor colors. The leaves are so bright and vibrant. It just puts me in a good mood, especially on a nice day. We are so lucky that in Illinois and Wisconsin, we get to experience that to its fullest. Just driving down my block with all the trees blows my mind. Plus, all the parks and forest preserves.

When Will The Leaves Change Color In Illinois And Wisconsin?
When Will The Leaves Change Color In Illinois And Wisconsin?

When Will The Leaves Change Colors In Illinois And Wisconsin?

According to the Farmer's Almanac,

For Peak Colors

  • In Illinois: 10/5-21 (North) & 10/12-28 (South)
  • In Wisconsin: 10/5-14

According To,

Start To Change Colors

  • In Illinois: 3rd week of September
  • In Wisconsin: Mid-September

Mark your calendars so you don't miss out. Maybe, you can plan some road trips to check them out all over both states. For more info, Illinois and Wisconsin.

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