Check out Double T's interview with the star of Ghost Nation on the Travel Channel, Steve Gonsalves.

Ghosts and the paranormal are a big deal. People are very fascinated about the subject. There are many television shows, books, websites,  blogs, social media pages, and so many other sources about it.

I've been on a couple of investigations myself with my friends Dan and Larry from The Ghosthunter Dan Norvell Project. I really enjoyed them.

One of the top programs is Ghost Nation on the Travel Channel. They are kicking off season 2 this week. I had the opportunity to chat with star, Steve Gonsalves, to get a sneak preview.

Here's the interview if you missed it.

Video: Steve Gonsalves from Ghost Nation on the Travel Channel

For more information about the show, HERE.

Video: Meeting The Ghosts At Tinker Swiss Cottage

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