To keep their business going, Gentlemen's Clubs in Chicago are changing the way they do things.

Basically, everyone and everything has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some more than others. Many businesses had to adjust how they operate.

The entertainment industry has been hit very hard. Especially, when it comes to social distancing. It's difficult to host some activities while still keeping people safe.

One of those industries struggling is the adult entertainment world which includes strip clubs. Like it or not, there is a place for those establishments and many are very successful. Providing jobs, taxes, and security for many employees, owners, cities, and customers.

I would dare to say, it's difficult to work as a dancer with the current restrictions in place. Like other businesses, they've had to adjust to the new normal.

According to,

"Strip club will do a teeny bit of false advertising. Strictly speaking, women won’t be “totally nude.” They’ll have a flimsy piece of material draped across their faces."

"Dancers and customers must remain 6 feet apart “at all times.” That means “private dances,” will be a lot less private."

“They're going to do a dry run with some of the employees acting as customers to see how we can entertain people and still stay safe.”

Hopefully, everyone will keep health in mind while having a little bit of fun too.

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