Location Montello WI, what happened?? UFO's. Four different sightings and photo's!

From "HomeSteadNow"

While trying to photo the milky-way I spotted a #UFO above my house. I was able to quickly take four photos of this UFO. What is this thing? So many people are asking me for the 4 RAW photos

I don't know many people that film the Milky-Way, but hey to each their own! These are super well produced videos I might at. They are "episodes" but are done in a way that truly showcases what was found and seen, UFO'S!

Ufo flying at night

Obviously there are those that don't believe, and that is totally ok...These videos are done in such an entertaining way, and the photos are so clear it's hard not to think a certain way.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

There is an object in the sky, and it's caught on video.

The man filming freezes the shot, and it's clear as a bell.

The kids reaction is priceless and pretty dead on:

they aren't trying to hide anymore

UFO landing in the forest meadow.
Getty Images

So check out this video, and let's discuss:


Here are some of the YouTube comments...they seem pretty convinced:

Young Dylan - Unreal find, this is fantastic. When you zoomed in, I expected the usual blurred footage… fantastic resolution man!


Mae Desmond - Honest, this one of the best UFO pictures I've ever seen!


Harry - As someone who has been an avid UFO hobbyist for over 40 years and has seen nearly every photo and video that pops up online you are the first one to say you could hear engines.The fact that it has a row of lights ( or windows) and a spotlight on the bow as much as i want to belive it the best UFO capture ever i have to say its an airship.

What do you think?

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