A Janesville, Wi man led cops on a wild ride topping out at over 100 miles per hour. WeAre This was a Friday afternoon, and things got crazy really quick. I once was on Route 2 when a 100 mph chase was happening, it was extremely scary. I could see it developing behind me, I pulled over to the side of the road and white knuckled the steering wheel.

37-year-old Curtis Walker of Janesville knew that what he had in his car would lead to a bunch of trouble so after he was pulled over and the smell of weed was pouring out the window, he hightailed it!

Curtis was ordered to exit the vehicle, but instead of that...he floored it, leading cops on a chase that exceeded 100 mph. Curtis finally crashed into a guard rail and the car came to a stop.

A search of the vehicle reportedly found a “large” amount of money, two loaded firearms, cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia - WeAreGreenBay

Whoa, dude was carrying an awful lot of items. Here's the official total of what Curtis was busted for:

Possession with intent to deliver cocaine

Possession with intent to deliver marijuana

Possession with intent to deliver ecstasy

Two counts of possession of a firearm by a felon

Vehicle operator flee/elude

Felony bail jumping

Possession of drug paraphernalia


Yikes, that will keep dude locked up for a "bit." The Marquette Sheriff’s Office did some good work getting all of that off the streets, after a 100 mph chase, wow!

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