Sometimes walking and chewing gum can be difficult...That whole doing two things at once, such a task! This guy down near Ottawa Illinois had trouble keeping the pedal to the metal, as he witnessed a UFO above him in the sky! NUFORC

Unidentified Flying Object Alien Abduction

Now let's start here...I'm not saying this dude was on anything, or maybe a little drinky, I just think he was "distracted" and his mind was with aliens. This man's story about his encounter with a UFO seems legit, but parts of it are a real head scratcher.

Ufo flying at night

The man claims he was on I-80 east near Ottawa, Illinois with a co-worker, when lights appeared in the sky. At first the three dots formed a triangle, then a fourth dot appeared and this object started spinning in circles!

Noticias actuales paranormales via YouTube
Noticias actuales paranormales via YouTube

The man and his co-worker were in a trance by these spinning lights in the sky, it has to be a UFO right? AT one point the lights simply sat still in the sky...No movement. That doesn't seem very airplane like, right?

Paying attention to these lights, the dude almost missed his exit...we will get to that in a minute, he seems to believe there was more to it than just missing an exit.

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There were multiple cars driving at the same pace, watching this "UFO" do it's thing in the sky. The flow of traffic ON THE HIGHWAY was going approximately 15mph! That is pretty crazy, luckily no one was hurt!

UFO landing in the forest meadow.
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Here's my favorite part, remember dude saying he almost missed his exit because he was focused on the sky? Maybe JUST MAYBE the UFO made this fella lose track of time? Like it did something to the man driving where it took over his sense of time? Check this:

The weirdest part and I wasn't going to mention at first was I thought we were another 25 minutes away from Ottawa and when I looked up we were almost passed it, time went by super fast. - Eye Witness Report of UFO on June 18th 2022/Ottawa Illinois

Mind control? Alien thought control? Losing track of where you are and what you are doing while driving...yep.

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