A new betting option is being offered in Illinois with a popular arcade allowing wagering on video games.

Betting On Arcade Games In Illinois

When I was a kid, my friends and I loved going to arcades. We could pop quarters into those machines for hours. Unfortunately, those game rooms went away for many years. I'm so excited because they've made a huge comeback and they're bigger and better than ever.

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These new arcades feature a wide variety of games to play. There's something for the whole family. Plus, they serve great food and some even offer alcohol. You can spend the entire day at one and not get bored at all.

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Another thing that has taken Illinois by storm is gambling. Of course, we've got many casinos but I'm talking about online wagering. Since sports betting has become legal in our state, the money generated has gone through the roof. You can do it right on your phone so a lot of fans are participating.

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My friends and I have always been highly competitive with everything. If it's a competition, someone is placing a wager on it. When we hit an arcade, there is definitely some betting going on over the games.

We're not the only ones wagering on video games. Lots of people are. Gambling has become a huge thing in Illinois. The arcades have noticed and one popular arcade franchise has jumped on the betting bandwagon.

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Dave & Buster's will start allowing betting on the games through their app. You'll be able to place wagers between friends or compete with strangers. This is taking the arcade experience to a whole new level.

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