Using a port-a-potty is already a nightmare but now add something else to the mix and next time you may prefer to go outside.

The Midwest Port-A-Potty Experience

You haven't really experienced life until you've had to deal with the struggle of using a port-a-potty at an outdoor event like a concert or festival in Wisconsin. Especially, when you REALLY have to go. It's not fun. Using that kind of facility is definitely a last resort. I really feel bad for the ladies that have to go through it.

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Besides, having to do your duty while you're in that disgusting plastic box there are other things you have to worry about it. First of all, never touch anything. Don't drop any of your stuff. Try not to open your eyes or mouth. Plus, never attempt to smell. Yeah, just avoid them at all costs. Now, we have to watch out for hidden cameras too? That's so gross. Who does something like that?

Hidden Camera Found In WI Port-A-Potty
Hidden Camera Found In WI Port-A-Potty

Secret Camera Found In Wisconsin Port-A-Potty

The incident happened earlier this week at Oconomowoc’s Bender Beach in Wisconsin. Of course, there isn't much of a bathroom choice in places like this one. That's what makes this so scary. A woman was at the beach and had to use the restroom. She discovered a hidden video camera in the port-a-potty.

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The woman called the police and they immediately came out to investigate. The officers aren't sure how long the device has been there. No other cameras were found in any more port-a-potties in that area. Officials say in the past they've had calls about filming in other places but never the outdoor bathrooms. It's now on their radar for the rest of the summer. Beware if you're planning any outside events.

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