The heat so far this summer has been real...It's just now the first day of August, and it's going to get hotter folks. This is the reason, that gas prices in Illinois will continue to go up this summer. WeAre

Summertime makes the gas prices go up...always. But across the country and here in Illinois they are climbing higher than usual and the reason is how hot it is this summer.

“You’ve got a lot of refineries that are coughing and wheezing. They’re not really geared to run with 10 or 15 days with 100-degree temperatures in a row,” - Tom Kloza, global head of energy analysis at OPIS

When the refineries aren't doing all that they should do on a daily basis...less gas is produced, which leads to higher prices at the pump. There is a bit of "relief" in the coming months though. We get into fall and prices could become normal again, whatever normal means these days.

“I do think with oil prices continuing to inch higher, we could see higher prices over the next couple of weeks, 5-15 cents over the next couple of weeks, as we get into fall, things should cool back off. The major wild card is Saudi Arabia and Russia because there is word that Saudi Arabia may extend its cut of oil production into September.” - Gas Buddy spokesman Patrick DeHaan

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